The rainbow; a sign of hope and promise. Born and raised in South Africa, I remember hearing the myth: “if you can run under a rainbow, it will change your sex!”

For as long as I can remember, I knew I was different. I started having gay relationships when I was 21. Knowing it was wrong, I lied about it, ran from it – anything to try to justify it. I desperately tried to change myself for almost 25 years! The moment I entered into a gay relationship, a wall would go up between me and God, and I felt separated from His presence. This eventually brought me to a place of total surrender, where God changed and redeemed me!

I have been living a celibate life since 2003. I have experienced and whole-heartedly believe that the “foundation of all happiness” is to know Jesus personally and intimately. This is the KEY to living life “in abundance till it overflows!” (John 10:10) It was the Holy Spirit who convinced me that I needed God’s presence in my life, and that only He can satisfy all my needs.

God has placed a passion and call on my life to see men and women being restored – to experience life in abundance, here and now! With the Lord’s help, I have overcome the paralyzing fear of openly sharing my story. There is great power in testimony!

The topic of homosexuality is highly controversial and very complex, and many pastors and churches prefer to avoid the subject. This needs to change. We need to open the door to truly loving the lost as Christ demonstrates – and this is an absolutely critical message for pastors and leaders in today’s world. I am very open and honest about my former lifestyle, and I can help people understand what a homosexual person goes through. In my own life, I had to deal with fear, shame, guilt, misunderstanding, and looking for love in all the wrong places – until I discovered who I really am in Christ.

Please visit my website, wilnavanbeek.com for more information on my ministry, and to find helpful resources for “When gay comes home.”