Kenya/Africa trip 2020 – Was it God ordained?

“The Argentina of Africa”

We were blessed to receive a Kenyan flag, signifying partnership with God and with the people in Kenya. Leaders who attended felt our teachings need to go to every church, every school and every university and beyond.

Welcome to this blog report of our recent trip to Kenya/Africa. Here is short video introduction what the week in Eldoret, Kenya was about.

First I want to thank those who sowed and continue to sow into God Gazers ministry. Your financial contributions, your prayers and support is allowing us to do things we never imagined. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into by going to Africa, but God did. You are about to hear how you actually became a partner in what took place.

I will start from the beginning…

I had a dream on November 23rd 2019 – I was running to catch a plane. I will leave some detail out, but basically I barely made it on the plane. It took off, but had do do an emergency landing almost right after lift-off , or so it felt. The problem? The wings fell off! I was surprised we didn’t die when I saw the plane with no wings. In the dream I paid attention to the landscape where the plane landed. There were black people sitting around and they got up to help us get the wings back on. To me it was clear it was somewhere in Africa. I still did not know where we were and I asked: “Where are we?” I heard someone say “Argentina”. I said: “That’s impossible, we just left Canada, how could we fly so far in such a short period of time?” Then I heard: “It’s the Argentina in Africa!” In the rest of the dream the black people slowly got up and came to help repair the wings so we could fly again.

I had no idea what the words “It’s the Argentina in Africa” meant. I felt led to read up on the history of Argentina. The first thing that came up was about three major revivals which took place in 1949, 1954 and 1984. Google described how “intense intercession” and “extraordinary prayer” proceeded all these revivals. I thought that was pretty significant.

A few days into our trip (I am getting ahead of myself), we saw how “intense intercession” and extraordinary prayer” paved a way for God to start to do a work once we started to share what we believed God put on our hearts. On the RCPI Bible College property where we stayed EVERYONE gets up at 3 am EVERY morning to pray! More intercessors join prayer meetings regularly. Just had to share this before I go on.

Back to the beginning. Around the middle of November 2019, just about the time I had the dream, I was contacted by a certain pastor from Kenya. His name was “N”. He found God Gazers online and requested I bring teachings about human sexuality to his congregation and other church leaders. I have had pastors from Africa making the same kind of requests before , so I was not overly excited because I knew how things have turned out in the past. They requested you pay for your own flights and pay for all the events, including food. I Skyped with “N” several times, trying to get to know him. I had an uneasiness and yet was open to go. I asked what his expectation was and his words were: “Wilna, we only want you to bring the word of God, and the message He wants you to share”. I was pleased with that, but also informed him God Gazers did not have money and I was not even sure how plane tickets would be paid for. He said not to worry, God would provide.

In the meantime some pastors/friends in South Africa heard about the possible trip to Kenya – they were eager to arrange some events. I had a big dilemma: my South African passport expired and it has already taken months for it to come back. (FYI – people who carry dual citizenship must travel with both passports). In trying to plan everything I did not think I would go to Kenya if I could not go to South Africa. That was Wilna’s plans. God had other plans. Keep reading!

Last year during Converge Canada Conference in Toronto (May 2019), I met trauma specialist, Dr Anne Gillies. We both felt it was God ordained that we met and that we might work together in the future. That was all part of why we organized Converge: to find like minded people to work together on the challenging topic of homosexuality. Little did we know it would actually start in Kenya. In January 2020 she told me she had invitations to speak in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. I asked if she would be willing to connect with her contact in Kenya , Pastor Allan, to inquire if he knew “N”. To make a long story short: He tried to connect with him, but it turned out “N” had a change of mind and was now requiring I pay for all the events. Pastor Allan cautioned me that many missionaries have come to Africa and landed in the wrong hands. Even though people come with good intentions, God’s resources get wasted. He checked out the work God Gazers do and asked it I would be willing to join Dr Anne. His recommendation was I come to build relationships, but gave me a platform to speak at the conference with Bible College students, pastors and leaders. We also Skyped several times and I just felt such an immediate HEART connection with both Pastor Allan and his wife, Mary. Still I was not sure if I could join – the South African passport issue remember?!

It finally arrived about the middle of January and suddenly many things had to fall into place. Dr Anne’s flights were already booked and the date to leave was March 4th!

Onward Christian soldiers! God Gazers intercessory team started to pray. Much had to align in a very short period of time as I felt God not only protected me from going and falling into wrong hands, but He had a plan to have a “landing strip” in Kenya. Pastor Allan felt strongly that God opened the door into Kenya, not only to start to build relationships, but for the work He wanted us to do there. (Remember “The Argentina of Africa!”)

Several events were organized in South Africa. I worked really hard with my graphic designer to get flyers and postcards made. These events were going to be different than the events in Kenya. I had a deep sense it would be challenging in a way, like walking into a lions den. Most audiences were Afrikaans and super conservative in their views, especially towards homosexuality. The upcoming events started to stir some water and we heard later about much resistance some organizers experienced. I needed a travel companion. Pat , a friend and sister I met a few months ago read an email in which I asked people to pray for me for a travel companion. She and her husband both felt she join me on the whole trip which was going to be 7 weeks long! They called me and within 2 days it was a done deal! God not only provided a travel companion but her flights were paid for! Faithful Father we serve!

Just an example of one of the flyers for South Africa events
Just an example of one of the flyers for South Africa events

The day arrived and on March 4th we left Regina on route to Nairobi, via Toronto and Paris. After about 30 hours we were ready to land in Nairobi. I was looking at the flight map, when God spoke to me. I heard: “Nairobi is on the Equator, It’s like a line in the sand (and I remember Jesus drawing a line in the sand), it’s the middle of the earth. The line means BALANCE, balancing the scales (2020 vision). What was out of balance before, is coming into alignment! The alignment will be moving down to South Africa – there is much out of alignment there, but what you will pick up and accomplish in Kenya, will be carried forward to South Africa and beyond.”

Note, Nairobi is on the the Equator (the line) runs through Kenya
Note, Nairobi is on the the Equator (the line) runs through Kenya

Little did I know or fully understood the meaning of these words… until our first Sunday in Eldoret. Remember how people prayed? Every morning from 3-5am?!? Without conversing with each other, Dr Anne and myself taught on different topics and yet our messages dovetailed each other – we were blown away. I spoke on a vision God showed me – about a heart surgery room and how God wanted to heal our hearts from all kinds of things, including wounding, judgments, pain etc. I also taught on the importance of humility and repentance. Dr Anne taught on abiding in the Vine and how we needed to be pruned in order to bear more and better fruit. After the service people went to each other and we saw how some reconciliation took place between them. We were told afterwards, that some leaders and people in the church had not been talking to each other for a long time. People humbled themselves and repented to each other. Pastors Allan and Mary asked how we knew what problems they had in their congregation. Of course we did not know, but God did. Things that were out of balance started to come into alignment! Exactly what God spoke to me on the plane! This was exciting to witness first hand. What a good start to the week! It almost felt like revival broke out when I saw God at work. See, revival does not need to be hundreds of people, it starts with one or two…. (I have a short video describing what took place during the sermons:

Our conference started Monday morning (March 9th). People were slowly trickling in – it’s Africa remember? ! Reverend Chacha opened the conference by asking the audience a very personal question: “Please explain the word “sex” in your mother tongue”. People did not know where to look! I personally was ready to run out the door! Reality was: Not ONE person was able to explain the word sex. And I thought: how on earth are we going to proceed with this conference about human sexuality?!! Reverend Chacha went on to say that “people in Africa do sex in the dark, but they don’t talk about it in the light”! I wondered how God was going to do things. And He did…

Reverend Chacha
Reverend Chacha

We just kept praying and obeying. We felt we needed to start by sharing our testimonies. We noticed right away people could relate to our stories. Faces and countenances started to light up. Our listeners started to relax, they became bold and they started to lean in. For 5 days, sometimes 10 hours a day, they were drinking in every word we spoke. They were like sponges, they did not seem bored. I could tell they were listening intently. They wanted our speaking notes and they made notes themselves. It was intense teaching. They had their Bibles open the whole time. They were eager to come back after breaks, nobody fell asleep. They asked us very personal questions and God gave us the courage to answer without any limitations, hiding nothing – and we saw the lights come on. As we were honest, they became honest . They shared with us their culture and some learned behaviors, the good, the bad and the ugly. They shared how they recognized how some of their cultural ways/traditions created brokenness in their families. They thanked us for sharing the truth with them. We saw how truth started to trump culture. And it was beautiful to watch. God was at work. Lives were touched and changed. During the meetings we witnessed how people humbled themselves, they repented, they acknowledged sin and/or wrong ways in themselves or in their families/communities. On top of that they appreciated the fact that we were willing to get on airplanes to bring such a truth to them. And they thanked us over and over again. We heard this more than once: “Never in the history of Kenya has any missionaries talked about the things you are willing to talk about. ” “The teachings you brought has renewed our minds”. I was blown away. Since the start of this ministry in 2013, I personally have never received such gratitude from people and never have I seen such hunger in people’s hearts to hear what I had to share. And these were hard messages! This is NOT an easy topic to talk about!

People didn’t complain about a thing. They showed up on time. We did not need to drag people to come back after a break. I witnessed such a spirit of excellence in many things they portrayed, including how they dressed, how they worshiped, how they conducted themselves in general.

Revival took place. Keep reading and you will understand what I mean. Yes, we saw God at work, not only in our audience, but He brought much alignment into our own lives as well. He revived some broken areas! He is never finished with any of us. Here are some of the great things God did among the four of us (Dr Anne, Pat, Matthew and myself):

  1. We witnessed how mother and son (Dr Anne and Matthew) forgave each other for some unresolved relationship issues – much reconciliation took place between them. This inspired many – it was a “show-and-tell” of humility and how repentance paves a way for restoration!
  2. Matt had much courage to share openly about things he was still struggling with. Some of the leaders came alongside him and cheered him on during the time we were there. He could see how important it was to have accountability partners in his life.
  3. Pat shared something that happened to her when she was 16 years old and which she kept in her heart all these years. Her willingness to tell it, not only brought much healing in her own heart, but she testified that a huge burden lifted from her shoulders. We saw how her face lit up and some freedom came. She said she has never felt so light in her whole lifetime.
  4. Growing up in South Africa, our white culture taught us that we (white people) were superior to black people. Growing up in it, I never knew anything else, but my spirit rebelled against it. Yet I did not know how to deal with this injustice which burdened my heart for most of my life. Before I left on the trip, I knew God was going to do something, which I asked for. The first thing that happened on the plane, was that I felt a supernatural love for the Kenyan flight attendants. I just could not help to feel such love and I knew God was changing my heart. Things already started to come into alignment even before He spoke to me on the plane. I had never stayed in black people’s homes before. I asked the Lord to free me from the uneasiness associated with this which came from my upbringing. I humbled myself and repented in front of Pastor Allan and Mary for how we as white South Africans had such a wrong way of thinking. I asked for forgiveness. God brought what was out of balance into alignment. This too was a burden lifted from my shoulders.

Other things which happened …

  1. One pastor reported how he was not able to sleep for 5 years after the traumatic death of his son. After listening to our teachings, some personal time with Dr Anne and others, he was able to voice his pain and for first time in 5 years he could sleep through the night!
  2. The teachings about trauma shed much light on a lot of issues. It became clear that this was something the leaders in Kenya have never been exposed to. Root issues are often the reason why people react or act out and why it’s so important to talk about it openly and honestly. To many these were new teachings but brought much revelation.
  3. We felt to gift Pastor Allan and Mary with a Canadian flag. It was our desire to partner with them in what God was doing in Eldoret, Kenya. We felt God knitted our hearts together and by handing them a flag, that was our saying “YES” to be part of their family in Kenya. In turn they gifted us with a Kenyan flag. These were holy moments. Pastor Allan and others stood up, declaring they will continue to stand for truth and they felt to start a MOVEMENT in Kenya and asked people to partner with us and them to see this come into fulfillment. This movement will take our teachings to every church, to every school and university, to the government and beyond. See video of what I am talking about including Pastor Allan’s invitation to partner in this:
  4. Pastor Allan felt to start to plan a national conference which may host 3000 pastors and leaders. We were not only invited to speak, but they announced that we will be part of the board of directors of this movement. We don’t know at this time how it will all work out, but as we said yes to go in the first place, we say yes now to obey God when He wants us to go next, if God will make a way for us to go back!
  5. We made many new friends and relationships were built. It was more than that. Family was established. We became one in heart and one in mind in many ways.
  6. We were spoiled. We enjoyed incredible healthy Kenyan meals done by special cooks . We even learned how to eat fish eyes! LOL. We loved the fruit and all the green vegetables and Ugalie – the traditional corn dish which was something very familiar for this former African girl!
  7. Besides relationships that were formed – a deep sense of connection took place in the spirit. Alignment took place which I believe was a work of God. I have a deep sense that I will be going back.
  8. On the final day of the conference the four of us (Pat, Anne, Matthew and myself) received incredible gifts. They gave us each a wild animal and spoke some prophetic words over us. Anne got a giraffe, Matthew got a lion, both Pat and I received elephants. We also got to enjoy eating cake in the African tradition. Ask me about it when you see me!
  9. We witnessed how Pastor Allan and Mary modeled deep intercession and extraordinary prayer in their home DAILY! We believe their faithful prayers combined with other intercessors paved a way for God to work during our time there. But not only that, we saw how God established them on this farm, how they started with bare land only 3 years ago, and today there are buildings and dorms, a Bible College with students and they keep trusting the Lord to provide more, so that leaders can be equipped.
Feeding us cake the African way! In doing it together it implies unity! WOW!

I can share so much more.

Then corona virus hit the world and we were forced to return to Canada. All the South African plans got cancelled which included not seeing my family and going to Kruger National Park. It took me weeks to recover from the disappointment – I looked forward to be with my family so much. People who organized events in South Africa were also expressing their deep disappointment, but in a sense I knew in my heart God was protecting me from a lions den this time around. I know He will prepare another season in His perfect timing and “what was picked up in Kenya will be carried forward to South Africa“. I am grateful we were still able to visit the Maaisa Mara  – part of the world famous Serengeti National Park. God blessed us with extraordinary and some very rare sightings (53 lions in 4 days, 3 Black Rhino, 5 Cheetahs having encounters with baboons and then stalking antelope which ended in them storming right towards our vehicle, serene views of the open grasslands, beautiful birds, huge herds of Buffalo and Giraffe, driving in a 4X4 through some very rough terrain, and I can go on and on! I believe God blessed us with all these incredible experiences to make up for what I was going to miss in South Africa.

In summary…. I can go on and on and have so much thankfulness for what God has done. I can see now how the dream about the plane, the phrase “It is the Argentina of Africa” and “What is out of balance is coming into alignment” was part of God’s plan. A few of us left on a plane bound for “The Argentina of Africa” (Kenya). Revival of hearts and minds began. “The black people who were sitting around” got up and they came to put the wings back on. We became partners, the wings are back on the plane, now we are ready to fly again! “Extraordinary prayer” and “intense intercession” moved God’s heart, and He has begun to bring “that which is out of balance into alignment“. He is not finished. Interesting observation: Revival always starts in our own hearts first and not with them! I’m excited to reflect on all of His goodness in all of this. What else can I say other than:

“And overwhelming astonishment and ecstasy seized them all, and they recognized and praised and thanked God; and they were filled with and controlled by reverential fear and kept saying, We have seen wonderful and strange and incredible and unthinkable things today! – Luke 5:26 AMPC

Thank you again, in what ever way you were involved in this trip. I hope you can see now and agree and say AMEN! Kenya/Africa trip 2020 – it WAS God ordained!

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Here are more videos you can watch:

Here is a call from Pastor Allan and Mary to partner with all of us into what God is doing.