Tossing technology to touch people.

I am more determined than ever to toss technology…at least most of it.

This is a pretty strong statement you may say.

Not only has the Lord been speaking to me about distractions in my life – those things that come in-between me and God,  I  also see  how destructive it is in relationships. With all the communication devices or Apps  we have nowadays, the poorer the communication. Relationships sucks. Our relationship with God is not where it supposed to be, and in many cases it is fading.  People are so lonely even though some of us have 700 or more Facebook “friends” (at least I do!)

It is a well know fact that loneliness has become an epidemic around the world, or at least where cell phones, e-mails and Apps are primarily used for communication.

Sending text messages contains no emotion I have discovered.  Or I would read into things, and usually I read it wrong. People crave physical touch (in the right way) but with technology and the way society has started to communicate, people are starving.  Starving for love and physical touch.

I watch my one dog every day.  Her name is Thursdae.  She goes to work with me.  Every 15 minutes or so, she will come to me , trying to gain my attention.   She  will scratch my leg gently  with her paw.  She will do this until I pay attention to her.  I will stop what I am doing , give her a pat on the head, bend down to hug her or just look into her eyes  or talk to her.   The moment  I do this, I can see a physical change in her eyes.  Not only is there a change on her face, but there is one on mine too.  As much as she craves my touches I crave hers, as I know it does something for both of us. And she is only a dog.  How much more do we need this between us as humans!!!!!????

(By the way – I think there are many parallels  between the relationship I have with my dog and our relationship with God, but it’s a topic for another day!)

Now, where is this going you may ask?    If you are unaware, but hugs and physical touches release a hormone which is called Oxytocin. Oxytocin changes the brain signals related to social recognition via facial expression.  It is also called the bonding hormone between a mother and her baby and certainly between lovers as well.  Thus, there is something really important about physical touch. (By the way, I found all of this on google and it confirmed what I learned  many years ago in my Agriculture studies about cows and their calves. LOL!)

To get back to my statement to toss technology. Not only can I see  and experience how relationships are in trouble, but in the workplace and leading a ministry, I encounter the flaws and frustrations of inappropriate use of technology almost daily.  There is so much miscommunication. It creates tension and offense.   This is why I  am ready to go back to the old days,  or the good old ways of communication:  face to face conversations, or picking up the phone and calling people.

Face to face conversations will certainly provide the opportunity for physical touch.   And please don’t read his wrong, I am not talking about sex or inappropriate touch.

The Bible ALWAYS has some answers and directions.  Here is just one scripture that I found helpful – to eliminate distractions and to make Jesus my focus.

For every soldier called to active duty must divorce himself from the distractions of this world so that he may fully satisfy the one who chose him.

An athlete who doesn’t play by the rules will never receive the trophy, so remain faithful to God![d]

Carefully consider all that I’ve taught you, and may our Lord inspire you with wisdom and revelation in everything you say and do. But make Jesus, the Anointed One, your focus in life and ministry. (II Tim 2: 4-7 TPT)

In Song of Songs 2:15 (TPT) I found another great verse – it’s about troubling foxes.  I think inappropriate use of technology/cell phones/Facebook/Apps  are troubling foxes to say the least.

You must catch the troubling foxes,
    those sly little foxes that hinder our relationship.[t]
    For they raid our budding vineyard of love
    to ruin what I’ve planted within you.
    Will you catch them and remove them for me?
    We will do it together.

It all comes down to our relationship with God.  From this place everything else will flow.  Loving God and allowing Him to love us is so import and how we will do relationships, even loving ourselves. In this and through this,  and by asking the Lord to help us, we can love those around us. We will want to be with people, we will want to give a loving touch and loneliness can start to fade away.  We need His help to do this.  If we do this  people won’t starve for touch.  Technology won’t do it.  Text messages won’t do it. We need to be with people and be fully present.

As I choose to toss technology (or at least most of it) to be with people, my physical presence (as I represent Jesus), will not only release Oxytocin, but loneliness will start to disappear. Hearts will heal.  People will become whole and experience life in abundance, exactly what Jesus promised in John 10:10! I have come that you may experience life, life in abundance, here and now! (My own words as I remembered it!)

Tossing technology… to touch people, I think this is a good plan. May the Lord help me, help us.

This is a serious situation.  I  think I have more to say about this. To be continued…..