The Word – our best GPS!

Believe it or not – after I moved to Canada, I became directionally impaired! I get lost quite often – even in my own neighborhood! Don’t worry, I don’t have Alzheimer’s disease… but it happened again just a few days ago. I went out for a bike ride and was watching the sun. Instead of turning back home, I turned the wrong way and got lost – making me late for Church!

So what is the problem? Well, the sun is on the wrong side, here in Canada! Oops! Just think about it: growing up in South Africa (the Southern Hemisphere), the sun rises on a different side than it does here in the Northern Hemisphere. So, for me – growing up there – my brain or “built-in-GPS” is programmed that way. Apparently my GPS has not adapted to my new environment. You would think that after living here for ten years it would get better, right? Not!

And further to my problem, when people give directions here in Canada, they often say “turn East,” or “go North.” Well, I usually turn the opposite direction, and of course end up where I don’t want to be! If you read this and you are my friend, please remember to tell me to turn “left or right!”

To battle this “disability,” I have purchased a GPS for my car. It has helped me to stay the course and find my destination each and every time.

In the last week or so, I’ve noticed birds migrating South. Yes, Fall is here, even though I seriously want Summer to continue! ūüôā They are flying to their warmer destination. I’m thinking that they too must have some kind of a “built-in-GPS” or compass to help them find their way home.

So I looked through my bird book. I am an enthusiastic bird watcher! It’s a hobby of mine. In my book, the ornithologists (I think this means people who study birds!) describe that until recently, they understood the migration process quite poorly. One theory was that migration is instinctive. Well, in my case, when I ‘migrated’ from South Africa to Canada, my instinct remained: when the sun is at¬†a certain spot in the sky, that means a certain direction to me. I will instinctively want to follow that. So, with the sun on the ‘wrong’ side here in Canada, my instincts send me in the wrong¬†direction! Thus, my instincts get me lost all the time. Oh, brother!

So, we can’t rely on our instinct to find “the way!” Hmm…

Anyway, the newest findings from ornithologists is that birds coordinate the information that their brains receive. They seem to take directions from the sun, moon, landmarks, magnetics (or iron-oxide), and use this data as a compass for finding their way! I think that’s so cool! I even found this beautiful verse in the Bible about migration:

Even the stork in the sky knows her time to migrate.
The dove, the swallow, and the crane
All take flight when the time is right.
But not so with My people.
They do not know or care about the Eternal’s commands.”

Jeremiah 8:7 (The Voice)

All of this stuff – getting lost regularly, my instincts, and the migration of birds – made me think about my journey. I am grateful today for how the Word of God has been helpful to direct and order my steps. Getting to know my Bible, meditating on it and doing what it tells me to do, has become my ultimate GPS.¬†I say:¬†God’s Word is¬†my¬†best GPS for life! God’s Perfect Solution on how to find and stay on “the way.” A true compass which will never lead me¬†astray.

As a young girl, it was very difficult coming to grips with the reality that I was experiencing same-sex attractions. But reading my Bible daily became my GPS (God’s Perfect Solution). It has been instructing me in the way God wants me to live: to follow Him wholeheartedly, and to be obedient to what He asks of me. The best compass, I’d say!

This does not mean it has been easy! And in the past (over 14¬†years ago now) when I caved in to my same-sex attractions and lived a homosexual lifestyle, the¬†Word kept shining light. It helped me to understand that obedience to God is far better than following my fleshly desires. God, through His gentleness and sovereignty helped me find “the way” again!

Don’t you love God’s Word, too? “The bird people” say that birds use their surroundings as a compass for finding their way. Well then, God’s Word to me IS the sun, the moon, the landmark… it is my true compass. Leading me, instructing me, guiding me… always! And when I stray off track, it always helps to lead me back. It helps me to find “the way” again! If only I will read it!


I will be forever grateful to my late Mother. She gave me a Bible when I was 8 years old, and she underlined this verse:

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105 (KJV)

When I watched her reading her Bible daily, it inspired me to do the same. What started as a religious act, has now turned into a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus. I can’t start a day without reading my Bible! I am addicted to it, as it is my daily GPS – God’s Perfect Solution – and how He wants me to live each and every day!

And when things did not go so well, when I did go astray – it was not the finger pointing of others that turned me around. Rather, it was the gentle prompting and conviction of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word that guided me to repentance. From the time I was a young girl until now, it truly has been the “lamp to my feet and the light to my path.”

This song continues to inspire me, and I listen to it often! (“Thy Word” by Amy Grant)

The Word continues to revive, comfort and direct me. It is the best GPS out there. It is God’s Perfect Solution to help you¬†find “the way!”