Knowing and caring.

Friends, I have something serious on my heart again. I ask you to read this with an open mind and heart:

The Church, which I am a part of, is in a crisis!

Here is the evidence.

Just this week, I met a Christian lady and I shared my story with her. I shared of how I once lived actively as a lesbian. We had quite the conversation, and without intending to hurt me, she said many things that stabbed deeply into my heart. Her words were like a knife. Her comments came from a place of being uneducated, uninformed, and ill-equipped to speak compassionately about the topic of homosexuality.

This is a crisis the Church is in!

For decades, this topic was either shoved under the rug (meaning it was not openly discussed), or members of the LGBTQ community were treated poorly. They were not treated with love and compassion – thus creating a mass exodus of them out of our churches!

Today, however, many churches realize the damage that was done. So they try to ‘fix’ it – thus erring by compromising the truth from God’s Word. They love and accept all members of the LGBTQ community (which is good!) but they will also approve of same-sex marriage and other unbiblical practices. This compromise has wreaked great havoc among many churches around the globe. It has brought division!

This is a crisis! Can you see?

Neither of these approaches are Biblical. And both have failed (and will continue to fail) to fulfill the great commission!

I do believe this can be changed. By going back to the basics! Yes! We don’t need scientific or theological seminars, but we need a desire to study and practice the Jesus approach. I believe if we do this, this crisis can turn into an opportunity – and in the process, we will fulfill the great commission. It remains our mandate from Jesus, Himself!

One key to this approach is knowing the hearts of the hurting – in this case, the members of the LGBTQ community.

The lady whom I spoke to this week did not know my heart! Even though I have chosen Christ above everything, and have been living celibate for more than 13 years, she had no idea what struggles I faced in dealing with same-sex attractions throughout my life.

The Jesus approach is knowing and caring about people's hearts.

Getting educated, and gaining knowledge about the topic is very important – but we must be equipped to speak compassionately about this topic. We must care deeply about people’s hearts!

Here is just a small portion of a letter from a father who has a gay son. He preached to him, he told him the truth, but he admittedly forgot one key element: He says:

Yet I missed one key truth: knowledge is useful, but knowing our children’s hearts is priceless. When my “right” answers didn’t change my son’s feelings or behaviors, I realized I was missing out on what was going on in his heart. I have begun to ask more questions, seeking to understand and listen more instead of jumping to give advice or state my own opinions. I learned that though truth is important, it is our children’s own perceptions that matter. I discovered there were times when my son actually felt rejected by my attempts to tell him the right way to go. Though I was speaking the truth in love, my son perceived that I was rejecting him through my attitude and approach. Seeking to know his heart has helped me be more loving, transparent and open in communication than my preaching ever did.”


– Taken from a post on Restored Hope Network’s Facebook page, emphasis added

I beg you, Church… the Body of Christ: can we agree that we all (and I include myself) need to learn how to do this?

And I boldly ask – will you please share this with your Christian friends?

We must care deeply about people’s hearts!